Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh wow

So, I was home for the "holidays'. I wasn't extremely happy about it I missed William like crazy. So night before last I check my voicemail.."Caitlin this is Heather calling from AFFINA, I was wanting you to come in a job interview..." so I called back the next morning. She did an over the phone interview, then scheduled an in person interview, so last night we got to drive me back to Peoria, after being home for a whole 3 days.

My mom wasn't quite amused. She was glad she got to see me, but it was supposed to be for 2 weeks, not 3 days. But, this means, Christmas with William! Win?! lol.

But, in about 5 hours I will be in a job interview that I am so nervous about, I am mildly bilingual, and that's the only reason I'm getting a chance. I have to be able to answer the phones in Spanish, which I can do, but I blank a lot in spanish too. I'm trying to speak a lot of it now to practice.

"Hola, como estas hoy? Bien? Oy muy bien gracias, Se llama Caitlin y llamamiento de AFFINA..."

I guess that's pretty good. Just hoping she doesn't extensively quiz me. Also have to do a typing test. She said I have to be able to type 25/wpm with 65% accuracy, so last night I took a typing test. 110/wpm with 99% accuracy. So I think I will be fine !

Wish me luck, I am major nervous, and there is a possibility I haven't slept yet, so I need all the luck I can get.

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