Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, it went well, should know more by Monday, supposed to call them mid-afternoon on -nervous-.

Right now I am about to mutilate William, he is playing Linkin Park which is migraine-giving, and I don't feel well, and is being mildly idiotic. About to reach over and turn it for him.

Anyyyway, going to clean today and do some major organization that I was supposed to work on at home, yeah didn't have much time for that did I?

9/30 followers, and I'm getting closer to being done with dietgirl. Page 241/307.

Am I the only one who gets extensively jealous when exes are mentioned? Or at least a certain ex, maybe I'm an idiot, but there are times where I can handle anything he says about her, and just think "He's mine now". Other times he just mentions her and I cringe. We are getting married soon, I need to stop worrying.

Eh, maybe it's just stupid insecurities? Maybe I'm an idiot lol.

Off to clean/organize/whatever else needs done.

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