Saturday, January 30, 2010


Life has been absolutely crazy. This weekend is going to be spent trying to get everything in order so that I don't feel as bad when I don't blog, and from now on even when I don't have the time I'm going to start blogging between classes, because I mildly feel like I abandoned ya'll.  I finally read a book from my TBR list ! It was Columbine - Dave Cullen. It was absolutely amazing.

Eh this is so not a real post, but so much to do today.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Real Post :o

I seem to have had a request for a real post. This may just be it. I am half asleep, so can't promise how long this will be, but it will be an update none-the-less.

Okay, so William is at my parents with me now, and at least I am not as lonely. He's been there about a week, and it is great! I hate being apart from him, so any environment is good, as long as I'm with him.

Also, the marriage has been put off, probably until My 19th birthday (August 18th), because I can't afford to lose my medical card right now. Ick, but whatever.

Uhh...I am back in school, the one thing I missed about my random move, but am mostly retaking what I dropped out of last semester. I love it though, and am loving having a semi-life. Though I am hating the early hours.

Mmk, this is enough for now, but Hey, it's an update, and I am working on getting back on track, so maybe soon you guys will be getting daily posts again -crosses fingers-

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Testing text post

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am not MIA..promise

Dealing with moving me and hubby back home for awhile, long story, so I don't have time to do anything.

I haven't slept at all, and probably won't until later today, so more detailed post..tomorrow maybe?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Uncertainty and Dependency

These are two feelings I hate more than anything in the world, and I'm feeling them both lately, but I refuse to let it get me down.

We may be moving in with my mom, I won't know until Monday, the uncertainty of what's going on is killing me. Normally when I have this amount of uncertainty I depend on myself, and myself only, but lately when I get depressed because of it I find myself wanting to be closer to William, in any way possible, so that's where dependency comes in. Am I ready to let him take some of the responsibility, ready to depend on him more? I hate depending on anybody but myself, and sharing the dependency is something I never saw myself doing. I depend on him to sleep, to help me in many ways, and I hate it. Guess it's time to get used to it, eh?

Now I will be posting again in probably 20 minutes, or however long it takes me to finish some organization, take some pics, and such, but first leaving you off with some good news.

Last time I was at home I went to the doctor. The scales here read similar to the doctors.

Doctor a little over two weeks ago : 216

Weight today :  202

I'm shocked, that's with not trying at all, no exercise, now I can't be positive that's 100% right, so will weigh in at doctors again when I get home, but I have definitely lost a bit. So 202 is my official starting weight, and will probably be able to weigh in at doctor mid week.