Saturday, January 30, 2010


Life has been absolutely crazy. This weekend is going to be spent trying to get everything in order so that I don't feel as bad when I don't blog, and from now on even when I don't have the time I'm going to start blogging between classes, because I mildly feel like I abandoned ya'll.  I finally read a book from my TBR list ! It was Columbine - Dave Cullen. It was absolutely amazing.

Eh this is so not a real post, but so much to do today.


  1. I've felt the same way! My classes have taken over and I haven't had time to blog a lot.

    I need a laptop! :(

    Have a good weekend!


  2. Well I am glad you poked your head in to let us know you are alive. Post when you can and take good care of yourself girlie.