Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First post. Organization Process Begins.

This is Caitlin, previous from Journey to a Better Me. I started a new blog for many reasons.

To begin with, I want a new start. A 100% new start. That blog has times where I tried, and "failed". It's "old" and started as the "old" me, this blog is starting as the dedicated, ready to succeed, me.

Also, my ex found the link to that one, and was telling my mom everything I wrote, and I pour my heart out in my blogs, it's the one place I can be honest, I don't need to be jumped for things I write.

So, this post is mildly short as I'm still getting everything set up, created a 100% new blogger account, where I will be moving over people I follow slowly.


  1. When you posted about this blog for your followers, did you remember to use your security options so your ex doesn't get the link too?

  2. I have my blog set up so that the search engines cannot search it. That provides a huge amount of security for me as I also have a person I don't want finding my blog.

  3. I may have to try that, Jo.

    Kate: yes, I blocked him from being able to read it, and found out how he was reading it, now I'm being extra careful about how I give out this link, and hope it doesn't happen again.

  4. What a friggin jerk! Sorry you had to do that but I am glad you decided to set up a new one instead of just bailing out :-)

  5. New blog new place and fresh relationship in place WHOO HOO!