Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ugh Running.

My body is not made to run, lemme tell ya.


I ended up trying C25K, and I didn’t make it through it. When it said to run the second time I made it about 30 seconds, and couldn’t do it. I turned it into a walk.

I have been advised to only do it 3 times a week, so I will be doing it Saturday, and then I will be on the MWF schedule I want to be on. I need to learn to workout in other ways too though. I am trying to think, I will figure it out.

Another problem. I ate less than 1,000 calories in all today. Well, I didn’t calorie count, but lemme tell ya, I barely ate. i didn’t eat /at all/ before I ran, and I felt light headed after.


Ugh. I need sleep.


  1. Hey girl, it seems like an off day. I mean you have been sick lately and probably still aren't 100%. Don't get frustrated about running. When your back to being "you" you'll be out running, I guarantee it!

    Oh, and EAT GIRL! 1,000 will make you sick.



  2. I encountered the same thing Caitlin so hang in there.

    I suggest finding something you like to do like dancing. Zumba, Salsa and Bellydancing are all fun for me and it makes it a little more enjoyable to be doing something you like to do. Progress girlie not perfection :-D

  3. I've never been a runner but wish I was.