Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Blunt, but True Post.

Okay, I feel I have to put this out there, because I’m tired of being afraid of putting my link on FB because people might get offended, because yes along with a “journey” blog, this is my personal blog too. So yes, things may get offensive at times, I may insult somebody, and while I will try not to use names; sometimes it may just be obvious who it’s about!


So, if I talk about you, I’m sorry, but this is my place to say what I’m feeling, if you have a problem with it DON’T READ IT!

I get tired of defending myself to people..”Oh, I was just in a bad mood that day”. This is my place to be honest, don’t read it if you can’t take it.


  1. I've found myself apologizing for "being a bitch" lately but then I realized that they are my opinions and I am entitled to them. Holding stuff in or pretending that you feel otherwise will just cause you more stress.

    Let it out girlie. . . this is your space.

    Don't apologize for being you!!!!!


  2. I have yet to post mine on FB yet lol. It's like a secret currently :]

  3. It's one of the reasons I stopped auto-posting my blog on facebook. The links are there so if anyone is really curious they can always find it ... but now that Tom's whole family is on FB & friended me ... as well as my own extended family issues ... you know. Of course, lately there hasn't even been a need to bitch about them but I like that safety net in case there ever IS since I can't use the bitching as a status update there now :)