Monday, June 21, 2010


I’m here, awake, got up at 6am. This is part of my revamp, an early wake up time. Otherwise I will stay up until God knows when, and wake up just in time to leave. I’m sick of doing this, it’s like I’m on autopilot and I’m tired of it.

I have to start doing something with my life. William is all game for helping, supporting, and doing whatever I need him to do, but if I can’t motivate myself there’s no way he will be able to motivate me. Today, I was not motivated to get up, not going to lie, but he was, so I did. I’m glad I did, but man, I’m tired! Going to go get some mildly unhealthy breakfast, because I’m starving, and we have nothing in this house. Today is payday, and I may end up buying something healthier selections, because this house is seriously full of disgusting, fat loaded food.

Why does nobody list the calories of their biscuits & gravy online? Oh well, that’s probably what I’ll end up having, but if so I have to leave in 20 mins, so will try to remember to blog tonight <3


  1. It takes your body a little while to adjust to getting up early but you get SO much more done if you do. I suggest you map out your plan. Where do you want to be in 1 year? What steps are needed to get there. Can these steps be broken down so they are easier to tackle? You want to set yourself up to WIN! xoxo Love you doll!

  2. I hate mornings ewwwww LOL

    Good for you though! Proud of you for doing the whole early thing. Even if you did eat bis n gravy.