Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Booing

lOkay, I’ll admit. I failed the water challenge. By a long shot. I hate water, so much, and I was going from 0 cups – 9 cups a day and it was making me feel sick and bloated. So I failed, by far.

BUT, I am turning these challenges into a weekly thing. I won’t give up because I know I can do it, but the water I have to increase on my own first. From now on every Wednesday I will be posting a comment challenge. Commenting will end Sunday night, and i will begin or complete the challenge on Monday.

Sorry I’ve been so MIA but my motivation has been 0, but yesterday I had a bitch fight with mom and it gave me the motivation I needed to be anything, as long as it’s as far away from being like her as possible.

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