Monday, April 5, 2010

30 Things To Do in April [2]


Update so far: I am failing on taking the vitamins really need to get on that..

  1. Restock one UB
  2. Blog 15 Times (1/15)
  3. Read 2 New Books
  4. Apply to 5 Jobs
  5. Send Courtney's Letter with Snickerdoodles
  6. Get an A on a Test
  7. Make an in-depth post about "why" and "how"
  8. Track Calories 10 Times
  9. Write a note to William about how much he means to me
  10. Try 3 new Recipes
  11. Try the Jillian DVD
  12. Pass biology test
  13. Do an hour of studying every night for a week
  14. Reread Columbine by Dave Cullen
  15. Get a pedometer [not the Pokemon one ;)]
  16. C25K
  17. Finish my guest post for A Merry Life
  18. Fulfill both Adult Sims' lifetime wishes
  19. Consider the negatives and positives about my own domain, and maybe my own hosting?
  20. Do 3 wordless blog posts
  21. Comment on 10 blogs in 1 week
  22. Organize New E-mail..[Folders?]
  23. Eat breakfast at least once a week [1/4]
  24. Do 2 Goals per week
  25. Level 38 in Cafe World
  26. Find 3 people and invite them to guest post [1/3]
  27. Take vitamins everyday
  28. Go one day without soda
  29. 30 Rep Points [21/30]
  30. 2,000 Tweets [1,866/2,000]

1 comment:

  1. Love your list HOWEVER you should be eating breakfast EVERY day dear. Oh and I was cleaning out more stuff and found something else to send to you ;-D Hopefully I can mail it this week (need rental car) but I will let you know when I get it in the mail.